photo (12)this is ace, a little boston/pug mix that we adopted last week. he’s 9 weeks old, as cute as possible, well on his way to being house trained, has the softest ears, looks like he’s smiling at all times, is about the size of a frisky kitten, likes rawhides, lap naps, rolling the grass, scamping about in the kitchen, and being a pup in general. he’s super fun, we’re really enjoying him. i’m thankful that i’m home a lot, have a pretty relaxed schedule for the rest of the summer, and have a husband that said, “we have four wild kids in a too small house, why not get a puppy?”

if you missed the sad story about our sweet max, you can find it here. we’ve all learned some hard life lessons throughout this whole experience, but a silver lining is getting to know another dog, a brindled puppy, full of life. of course, there’s no one like max and no dog could ever replace him. he had the prettiest little swirling cowlick on his neck and he was the best late-night companion a girl could ask for. ace has a lot to live up to but i think he’ll fit in just right.

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  1. M says:

    I have always wanted a pug or Boston terrier. A mix is just perfect. I know he won’t take the place of your previous dog, but your hearts have enough room to love other dogs that come into your lives. I firmly believe that children should have lots of pets. They teach them compassion, responsibility, how to treat those who are smaller and defenseless. The relationship between a dog and person is life changing. For the bit of attention and care you give a dog, you experience a living example of God’s unconditional love for us. I look forward to seeing more photos of Ace and your children.

    I would recommend that you help your children research proper care for dogs like Ace that have short respiratory tracts and the special care they need–like not being out in very hot weather and letting them over-exert themselves when it’s so muggy and hard to breathe outdoors. They also are susceptible to cold, so they might need a sweater or two. I know you’ll detest having to knit or crochet Ace a couple of winter sweaters. Imagine one with the Ace of Spades on it or a nautical one!

  2. Barb Blair says:

    I love Ace! So happy……

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