of late

R1-02407-027A copyso, my new leica is making some beautiful images. exciting!

steaming an artichoke
black beans, again
mown grass and clover
sleepy pup eyes
pup gaining weight
nests kids make to sleep inside
cool temperatures in august
busting out the vintage izod green rain jacket
evening light from room to room
lamplight through windows with undrawn curtains
traffic in rain
dot, outgrowing her moccasins
lola, almost reading
jude, his buzz growing out
henry, legs longer than mine
living and dying
learning something new
a couple of new houseplants
new leaves on old houseplants
plans for the orchard, the lake, a date night, dot’s birthday
deciding what to do about the gray that is overtaking my hair
a few naps
a blueberry crisp
house dreams

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